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“Forever Families Program”


“The Forever Families Program” is a member of the National Exchange Club (NEC) project for the prevention of child abuse and the Fostering Hope Initiative (FHI).


The Forever Families Program for Child Abuse Prevention  is part of a collective effort, Jess Armas with ESCAPE, Jim Seymour from Catholic Community Services and 21 strategic partners worked together to create the “Fostering Hope Initiative”. FHI’s long term goal:  Reduce the need for Foster Care in Marion county by 50%!


The Fostering Hope Initiative is one of 12 sites invited to membership in Frontiers of Innovation, and is one of four projects in the nation selected for funding by the Quality Improvement Center on Early Childhood, USDHHS.


The NEC with 79 centers and over 100 sites is one of the U.S.’s largest and oldest parent aide programs.  Following national standards of operation, training, supervision, documentation, and closure procedures provides effective programming.

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